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Focusing on the Strengths of Our Students: 2012 School Growth Plan

Kent School’s Vision Statement:

For each student in our school to master basic skills, recognize and develop his/her strengths and interests and to become a confident learner.

Kent School’s goals (for more info including SMART sub-goals, please click on the links):

  1. To work to ensure each student masters basic skills of numeracy & literacy.
  2. To provide a school culture that recognizes and nurtures the strength of each child.
  3. To work to ensure that each student believes he/she is a capable, confident learner.
  4. To provide a culture that welcomes & fosters parent/family engagement in their child’s education.

For a summary sheet of the vision statement, goals, and subgoals, please click here.

Some quotes that inspired this plan:

“Students, like the rest of us, are unique in their experiences, perceptions, drives, and capacities.  This means that students should approach learning in an equally unique way that enables each of them to make the best use of his or her nature, strengths, and accumulating competence.”                — Maurice Gibbons

Most schools only see those students with exceptional academic, athletic, and artistic abilities as being deserving of the opportunity to develop their talents. Students with gifts in areas other than these typically are relegated to the world of the normal and mediocre: their wishes to have special considerations so that they may pursue their unique gifts (whether it be auto mechanics, the ability to nurture, or a fascination with nature) are seen as self-indulgent fantasies.  Consequently, it is only a few privileged students who are granted the luxury to work and concentrate in areas in which they naturally excel.       — Norman Kunc

“We don’t know who we can be until we know what we can do”   — Sir Ken Robinson