GOAL 1 – Mastering Basic Skills

To work to ensure that each student masters the basic skills of numeracy and literacy.

70% of students will be fully meeting expectations in reading, writing, and numeracy at grades 5, and 6 by June, 2012 (use cohort data to show growth)

  • DART* (District Assessment Reading Tool) assessment tool (“fully meeting”), DERAIT (primary reading assessment tool)
  • Vancouver IslandNet DMA (District Math Assessment) assessment tool (“fully meeting”)
  • Report Card Data (C+ or higher) based on BC Performance Standards for Reading, Writing, Numeracy/Math
  • Students will be provided with options on ways to demonstrate their learning (ie. verbal assessment)
  • Increase to 75% in 2012-13
  • Challenge those students who are ‘fully meeting’ (ie. Project Based Learning)
  • Students not yet meeting expectations in all grades, reading will be provided with extra periods of reading intervention
  • Students not yet meeting in writing and numeracy will be provided with extra learning assistance support
  • Continue to work to create a culture of literacy at our school
  • Culturally relevant books available to all students (ie. boys, First Nation literature, etc)
  • Comfortable reading spaces
  • Library accessible at times outside library periods
  • Buddy reading; early morning reading

*please click on hyperlinked words for more info


About cwejr

K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr

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